Top Funder Decision Factors in 2022
Top Funder Decision Factors in 2022

A lot has changed in the last two years due to the pandemic and even more has evolved in the nonprofit funding landscape in the last five. In both 2022 and 2017, Social Solutions asked foundations, charitable trusts, and corporate givers across the US how they make fundraising decisions. The results reveal how digital transformation, impact analytics, reporting requirements, and more have shifted over the past several years. They also show how the global pandemic affected grant restrictions and accelerated a digital shift.

Data analytics experts in the nonprofit space and a funder will analyze the survey results and uncover insights that provide nonprofits with actionable ideas they can implement now.


  • Why an organization’s mission has gained in importance over impact stories.
  • Why data collection and visualization are important to funders and nonprofits.
  • Why tech enablement is critical to nonprofits.
  • How to stand out and secure more funding.
  • How to build relationships with the funding community that result in ongoing collaboration.


  • Laura Mills, Director of Data & Analytics (A Place Called Home)
  • Ben Miller, SVP of Data Science & Analytics (Bonterra)
  • Stephanie Lomibao-Parra, Senior Vice President & Program Director (Bank of America Charitable Foundation)

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