Practical Ways to Build Donor Trust in the Era of Online Fundraising
Practical Ways to Build Donor Trust in the Era of Online Fundraising

Many nonprofits have removed geographic barriers and moved to online fundraising. Their compliance hasn’t always kept pace. Along with broader reach, online fundraising brings increased registration and reporting requirements. It also brings greater scrutiny by prospective donors, grantmakers, and sponsors. And for today’s supporters, trust matters! Fundraising compliance is a vital credibility factor that can demonstrate accountability and transparency, letting your donors know your organization is one they can trust, encouraging greater engagement and increased donations. Join us to learn compliance standards and insightful strategies for online fundraising and virtual events and how communicating your adherence to best practices can earn new supporters’ confidence and reassure them that their donations are in good hands.

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Sharon Cody, J.D. is the Nonprofit Partnership Manager at Harbor Compliance. Sharon is passionate about educating nonprofits on the role of compliance as both a best practice and an industry differentiator. Her more than 30 years of experience as an attorney, charitable fundraiser, foundation executive, and nonprofit board member give her unique insight on the use of fundraising compliance as a strategic tool to enhance an organization’s reputation and increase its revenue.

Marchelle L. Sellers, MBA spent much of her career leading nonprofits focused on children’s health, before co-founding Charity On Top five years ago to raise money for charities everywhere. Marchelle has received numerous awards for her work, including Top Nonprofit Executive by Los Angeles Business Journal.

Nael Hasen, CPA, CGMA, MBA a nonprofit professional with more than twenty-one years of extensive experience in not-for-profit sector and business consulting.He is the National Director of Fund Development for Life for Relief & Development, a global humanitarian relief and development organization.