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Online Fundraising Compliance in the COVID Era and Beyond

COVID-19 has created potentially permanent changes to both fundraising and fundraising compliance. As you move to online fundraising to remove geographic giving barriers, has its compliance kept pace? Is your nonprofit registered where it should be in order to fundraise legally? What effect could California’s proposed AB 2208 legislation have on the future of fundraising compliance? And how can you flourish in today’s new nonprofit environment? Today’s donors are inundated with giving opportunities and trust matters. Your fundraising compliance demonstrates your nonprofit’s accountability and transparency and lets your donors know that they can trust you with their contribution.

Join us to learn compliance standards and how communicating your adherence to this best practice can gain the confidence of supporters and reassure them that their donation to your organization will make a difference. Panelists: Sharon Cody, J.D. (Nonprofit Partnership Manager at Harbor Compliance). John Beck, M.B.A. (Director of Market Strategy at Harbor Compliance) Marchelle Sellers, M.B.A. (Co-Founder of Charity on Top) Kim Belk (Senior Manager of Compliance and People at GiveDirectly)

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