DIY Fundraising – New donors and dollars


As a nonprofit, you have many jobs that need to get done and most often, there is limited time and resources to make it all happen. Constantly looking for new ideas to increase revenue, change things up, and get new supporters can be exhausting. Do-it-yourself fundraising (or DIY) can be a great way to easily add a new fundraising channel in order to help achieve your goals.

Join DIY fundraising leaders CrowdRise and the American Cancer Society to walkthrough all aspects of DIY fundraising programs. With industry insights from CrowdRise and real life examples and input from ACS, this webinar will cover:

  • Defining DIY fundraising
  • Common benefits of a nonprofit DIY program
  • How to get started with DIY
  • The functionality to run a charity DIY program
  • DIY fundraising best practices