Salesforce, NetSuite Update Programs

Cloud technology firm Salesforce, which earlier this year announced it was folding its .org division, announced an expansion of its Nonprofit Cloud capabilities, adding case management, volunteer management and program management. Approximately 40,000 nonprofits use the firm’s Nonprofit Success Pack, according to Salesforce.

The new program management functionality is intended to increase efficiencies for case managers at small and medium-sized nonprofits. These service providers can reach more clients while maintaining the personalized care that each individual deserves, with the ability to, among other things, manage case plans to track goals, milestones, and action items as the client engages through a program; document case notes while at top of mind, save it as a draft and revisit; and, create custom tags to make it easy to sort through and report on what types of meetings you’re spending the most time on.

Volunteers for Salesforce (V4S), the current volunteer management offering, will continue to be supported and available through the AppExchange. With the updated program, volunteer managers will be able to create and manage volunteer projects, shifts, registrations and identify where volunteer managers need to recruit; manage high volumes of recurring shifts, at scale; increase volunteer retention by keeping volunteers engaged in meaningful ways by integrating with Salesforce’s marketing and community engagement tools; and, understand and share the impact volunteers have on the nonprofit’s mission

The Salesforce.org social enterprise of Salesforce was melded back into the company earlier this year. Salesforce is paying $300 million to make it happen. The firm has been selling customer or constituent relationship software at a discount or giving it away with nonprofits eventually paying various service fees.

Salesforce.org is converting from a California public benefit corporation into a California business corporation and Salesforce will pay a one-time cash purchase price of $300 million for all shares of Salesforce.org. The $300 million will be distributed to the independent Salesforce.com Foundation, a California public benefit corporation and 501(c)(3) organization.

Salesforce announced it will continue to provide free and discounted software to nonprofits and education institutions and will facilitate employee volunteering, strategic grants and matching employee giving up to $5,000 per employee annually. Salesforce made the announcement during a recent call with investors and analysts.


NetSuite expanded its commitment to nonprofits through its NetSuite Social Impact Program. NetSuite expanded its Suite Pro Bono program, donated software to more than 300 new nonprofits globally, and increased its investments in partnerships through #ImpactCloud.

“For more than 10 years, we’ve dedicated time and resources to building a framework of solutions that can empower nonprofit organizations to focus their time on changing the world,” said Evan Goldberg, executive vice president of Oracle NetSuite.

The NetSuite Social Impact includes: 

  • Suite Donation: To help nonprofits implement new business systems in the cloud, NetSuite offers Suite Donation globally, a program that gives social enterprises and nonprofits access to NetSuite’s Nonprofit Solution. 
  • Suite Pro Bono: NetSuite employees contributed more than 6,000 hours across the globe through Suite Pro Bono, a program that gives nonprofits access to the skills and expertise of NetSuite employees. Building on its success, NetSuite has expanded its Buildathon 4Good events, which have served 82 customers in the two years since its launch. At SuiteConnect San Francisco, attendees can participate in the latest Buildathon4Good with Bay Area nonprofits including, Creativity Explored, Positive Coaching Alliances and California Association of Food Banks.

Suite Capacity: To help nonprofits build organizational capacity, NetSuite has re-launched Suite Capacity, a program that helps organizations share best practices with each other and learn how to best leverage NetSuite for their operations.