Google Shuts Down Donation App
Google Shuts Down Donation App

Google’s donation app, One Today, shut down after almost seven years, effective Feb. 6. In an email to users on Jan. 27, Google announced that One Today had been losing users in recent years. New nonprofits are no longer able to sign up for the app, which will be turned off, and any open projects deleted. 

All donations made before Feb. 6 were to go to the designated charities.

Users could donate as little as $1 to different charities while also receiving information about how their donation would be used. One Day featured a different nonprofit project every day, based on a user’s interests, who signed up for Google for Nonprofits. The more that a person would give, the better the app could become at selecting a nonprofit project that interests them. The app had a recent rating of 4.4 out of 5, based on more than 2,600 votes.

If a nonprofit project did not receive a minimum donation amount of $10 during the disbursement period, donations would roll over to the next disbursement period.

Google Assistant added a donation feature last year that allows users to make charitable contributions from any smart device, using the voice-activated artificial intelligence (AI) assistant.

Google covered processing fees of any donations made through One Today while the nonprofit received the gift as unrestricted funds, unless they were designated. The contribution would go to Network for Good, a Washington, D.C.-based software company that uses a donor-advised fund to distribute the donations. A certified B-corporation, Network for Good would collect donations and then distribute them to specific nonprofits that were selected via the Google One Today app.