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Download Mapping The Donor Journey Session Slides (Sponsored)

ONE HUNDRED is a multi-disciplinary agency that connects the nonprofit sector with leading experts in brand reputation, communications, marketing and fundraising.

    We can do things most individual agencies and philanthropic organizations can only dream of:

  • Campaigns for every medium,
  • Cutting edge digital experiences for every device,
  • The right message at the right time and place,

We are experts at helping even the most complex organization re-align, re-focus and re-discover the right way to mold public perception of a cause.

If there is one word to describe ONE HUNDRED, it is integration. We firmly believe that a modern nonprofit needs all its brand assets working together — internally and externally — to drive its mission forward. To do this, integration is key. We have created an integrated approach that more effectively supports the desire of modern nonprofit organizations and foundations to utilize branding to drive growth in all areas.

The coalition of award-winning agency partners from across the Omnicom network offers complete expertise for nonprofits in all areas, including marketing, brand reputation and fundraising. We understand that at the core, nonprofit organizations align people’s passions to make our world a better place. ONE HUNDRED knows this passion well — it drives us in our work every day.

ONE HUNDRED considers four key factors when defining the lifetime value of the donor: giving, influence, advocacy and engagement. Our vision for the donor journey is augmented in our experience of partnering with corporate clients to design and drive consumer journeys that ensure brand loyalty, consumer engagement and revenue generation. We have the capacity to transform this understanding of the donor journey into holistic strategy design and execution.

Our own Brian Crimmins, Global Managing Partner of ONE HUNDRED and David Strauss, Director of Global Membership at The Nature Conservancy, spoke on Mapping the Donor Journey at the Washington, D.C., Nonprofit Conference on Thursday February 14, 2019. If you would like a copy of the presentation please email

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