Episode 50: Best Nonprofits To Work For 2022

“Employees are the most important thing to the success of our business so if allocating resources there is going to make a difference in achieving our mission and achieving our  goals, we’re going to allocate resources there,” Tara Fitzpatrick-Navarro, CEO of the United States Tennis Association Mid-Atlantic Section (USTA-MAS), said.

Last year, the USTA-MAS hired a concierge service for its employees. It’s not about scoring reservations at the trendy new restaurant or tickets to a sold-out show. It’s more about getting tedious or mundane tasks off the plate of employees so they can focus on their jobs.

It’s the second consecutive year that the Herndon, Va.-based organization earned the No. 1 ranking in The NonProfit Times‘ 2022 Best Nonprofits To Work For. In this episode, Fitzpatrick-Navarro explains how the concierge service helps her organization. She also discusses other programs, benefits and initiatives, including employee involvement in selecting a new healthcare plan option and personalized, handwritten notes she sends to her nearly two dozen employees.

“It’s just this additional step of trying to make everything in your life work through benefits that we provide you so that you can be your absolute best employee,” Fitzpatrick-Navarro said of the new concierge service. “So you can be the most productive, both personally and professional. It’s awesome.” USTA Mid-Atlantic also made changes to its health care plans, including employee engagement in making that decision. Employees also were surprised with a pie — delivered to their doors — for Thanksgiving.

The Best Nonprofits To Work For is an annual survey by The NonProfit Times in partnership with Best Companies Group. Organizations register in the fall to participate and go through a battery of surveys. Those results are then scored across eight different categories and ultimately 50 nonprofits make the cut. You can find more details and the complete Best Nonprofits special report in the April print edition of The NonProfit Times.