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A Social Voice of Time And Money

Yes, nonprofits need people to donate money. That’s a fact. What is also a fact is that focusing only on the money people will contribute can be counterproductive.

During the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) Not-For-Profit Industry Conference, Joe Stradinger of EdgeTheory offered the gentle reminder that donors can contribute money and time … and voice.

Stradinger called this new contribution A Social Voice, and he said it is the greatest contribution supporters can make. He said that supporters who love an organization still need that organization to help them with what to say.

Giving supporters what to say must go way beyond a social share button on the organization’s Website. It must be a conversation, but one that involves many voices. As far as what to talk about, content creation must focus on finding conversation intersections (that is, meeting people where they are and what they are talking about) of those not looking for the organization.

Those intersections include: Interest; Awareness; Conversation and engagement; and, Consideration and conversation.

Stradinger said authentic conversations have a formula, and he sketched the idea out this way: Define the audience; Listen and analyze their conversations; Learn about their lifestyles; Talk about topics that are relevant; and, Engage the audience.

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