Plan for boosting digital fundraising

The nonprofit counseling service Caris wanted to let even more women know about the options available for unplanned pregnancy. The organization created the Hope Help Honor campaign this past summer to get the options out. Lynne Moyer, founder of Luminate Marketing in Chicago, described how Caris found success both online and off during the recent National Catholic Development Conference (NCDC) 2014 conference in Chicago.

Moyer said the campaign had four channels: a landing page; a direct mail campaign; an email campaign; and, a social media push. It lasted 25 days and raised $50,000. According to Moyer, the campaign was successful because it made a plan and followed the keys to fundraising success.

The five elements of a plan are:

  • Conducting research
  • Identifying organizational goals
  • Mapping marketing initiatives
  • Making your plan actionable
  • Creating and sticking to a marketing execution calendar

Moyer said Caris followed the five keys to digital fundraising, designed to drive donors to your landing page to make a donation.

  • Clearly state and show the problem around which you’re raising money;
  • Be specific about the cause or the goal;
  • Generate a base of supporters;
  • Create online buzz for increased exposure; and,
  • Focus on success, not just needs.