The ‘perfect’ thank-you for a donor

Nothing’s perfect but Pamela Grow suggests there are a number of things you can include in thank-you letters to donors that would make it perfect.

The fundraising coach and consultant tackles stewardship in her chapter of “The Essential Fundraising Handbook for Small Nonprofits.” She offered up these essential points to crafting your organization’s thank-you letters:

  • Joy: First and foremost, make the reader experience a genuine sense of joy when they open your letter.
  • Speed: Get your letters within the first 48 hours.
  • Personalize it: These days, there is no excuse for a “dear friend” letter.
  • Reference the amount: Include the date of the gift too for tax purposes.
  • Cite the motivation: Reference what the gift went toward.
  • Acknowledge past giving.
  • Include tax-deductible language.
  • Use a Post Script (P.S.) to drive donors to something new, such as a Facebook page, Twitter account, or a new blog on your organization’s website.
  • Provide contact information.
  • Never ask for a second gift. Grow believes it’s poor manners to include an ask or even a business reply envelope. Instead, send another thank-you letter in a few weeks and include information about your nonprofit’s monthly sustainer program.