Making the hire is not the final act

You’ve hired someone for that opening. Great. You’re done, right? Wrong. There’s a lot that goes into motivating and managing your staff.

During the Association for Healthcare Philanthropy’s 46th annual international conference in Atlanta, Ga., Mendal Bouknight shared some of the tools and resources used at the Piedmont Healthcare Foundation, where he is president:

  • Culture is introduced during the interview process;
  • Expectations are clearly addressed Day 1; 30 days; 60 days; 90 days; 180 days, and 365 days;
  • Take the time to provide an orientation to the organization, as well as every member of the team;
  • The Hermann Brain Diagnostic Instrument (HBDI), similar to the Myers-Briggs Test, is introduced to every new member and the team; and,
  • Regular retreats are centered around team, roles, responsibilities and respect.

Bouknight also described some of the things to think about as a manager or leader within your organization to motivate and retain employees:

  • Intentionally focus on the team and the individual;
  • Begin every day by thinking about your team and what you are going to do to support them;
  • Select the right people, those who are talented, fit with the culture, bring value to the team, are smarter than you, and like what they do; and,
  • Actively listen to your team.