Good Management: What’s it Take?

After the euphoria of receiving the grant award fades, the hundreds of grant management to-dos jockey for priority attention. “Organizations that have the basics of solid grant management in place might feel stretched, but they’ll be fine,” said Barbara Floersch, executive director of The Grantsmanship Center in Los Angeles, Calif. “But when the basics aren’t covered, the situation can easily spin out of control.”

    As you work to implement a grant acquisition program, or to improve management of your current awards, Floersch recommended that you review these basics and upgrade those that don’t meet the mark:

  • Knowledge of statutes, regulations, laws, policies, and procedures. Organizations need staff members who understand federal, state and local regulations that relate to grant funding. Up-to-date knowledge helps ensure that proposal budgets comply with requirements and helps organizations steer clear of noncompliance potholes. Here, redundancy is a good thing. Make sure more than one person is “keeper of the key.”
  • Systems. Internal operating systems are the backbone of your organization. While hammering out first-rate financial management or personnel policies may not excite you, high-quality internal systems support excellence in mission-driven work. Internal operations are the underpinning for long-term, sustainable impact.
  • Operational Guidance. Written policies and procedures (P&Ps) that document the organization’s internal systems are essential for consistency in operations. When the P&Ps are clear and in-line with requirements, the next step is ensuring that staff members follow them consistently. And don’t forget to review P&Ps regularly. Modification to rules and regulations, or changes within your organization, may require updates. P&Ps won’t help unless they are up-to-date.

When P&Ps are clear and reflect internal systems that comply with both best practice and regulations, they provide a strong foundation for mission-driven work. By ensuring that staff members understand the P&Ps and follow them, you’re safeguarding your organization and laying the groundwork for excellent service delivery. Accountable organizations operate with integrity, and they also produce more impact. © Copyright 2018 The Grantsmanship Center.