The Ever-Changing World Of Work

If someone who lived 100 years ago could have been magically transported from a place of employment then to a nonprofit today, that time traveler might not even realize it is a workplace.

“While these numbers crunch, want to grab a cappuccino with me? Or, would you prefer a latte?”

In their book “People Analytics in the Era of Big Data,” Jean Paul Isson and Jesse S. Harriott take a look at the profound changes that are happening in the world of work. For one thing, despite the lack of dramatic growth in the economy in the United States, for example, finding new talent and holding on to existing talent continues to be a struggle.

Isson and Harriott maintain that the following forces are changing the world of work:

* The impact of digital technology on the labor market;

* Decreasing employee tenure and loyalty;

* The influence of Millennials;

* Globalization of the workforce economy;

* The need of employers to always be engaging talent;

* Increased competition for talent;

* Human Resources (HR) being under pressure;

* The skills gap in the labor market;

* Talent being one of the last competitive differentiators; and,

* HR evolving into talent management.