Announcements need to be in plain language

An event isn’t worth much if it doesn’t raise any money, and it isn’t likely to raise money if nobody comes. That means getting the word out.

In their book “Perfect Phrases for Writing Company Announcements,” Linda Eve Diamond and Harriet Diamond wrote that event announcements and invitations could land the best possible turnout if the organization holding the event has the perfect announcement mindsets. That means:

  • Be clear about the purpose of the event.
  • Type should be easy to read. The prettiest type is often the most difficult to decipher.
  • Event announcements and invitations can appear in newspapers, on flyers, in emails or on the organization’s website, or can even be mailed on stationery.
  • Event announcements need a hook. Time is limited and everyone is carefully selecting where to spend not only money but also time. Let people know the event will be worth their time.
  • Promote event sponsors in organization literature and press releases.
  • Don’t leave events that might draw people in as surprises. Announce them up front, and more people will be enticed to come and enjoy the highlight, making the event an even bigger success.
  • Depending on the event, the people you want to attract and what is hoped to be accomplished, and “Invitation Only” event might be appropriate.
  • Food is always a draw, even if it is simple.