7 Social Psychological Factors

Knowing what people care about, what moves them, can be a huge help in connecting with them, and that includes seeking their support for worthwhile causes.

In their book “American Generosity,” Patricia Snell Herzog and Heather E. Price posit seven principal social psychological factors that they say represent the swath of social psychological characteristics and that will help explain the puzzle of differential American generosity. They are:

* Social Solidarity is the idea that we are “all in it together” as a neighborhood, nation, society or human race. It is primarily associated with feelings of empathy, attachment, hospitality and social connection to others.

* Life Purpose is the idea that “I am here for a reason” because life is headed toward some goal.

* Collective Conscious represents an awareness of shared purposes and “we are all here to help each other” mentality.

* Social Trust is the belief that others can be trusted and others are not “out to get you.”

* Prosperity Outlook is the view that “there is plenty to go around.”

* Acquisition Seeking is the general view that “life is for the taking.” It focuses on material thrills and attainment.

* Social Responsibility is the conviction that “we are all our brother’s/sister’s keeper,” that we are all responsible for each other.