7 Questions for Measuring Organizational Health

Good metrics are essential to making sure an organization is functioning well and fulfilling its mission.

The importance of metrics, however, can sometimes disguise the fact that not everything is measureable on a mathematical scale. Genuine “outcomes” are not always quantifiable.

In his book “Serve To Be Great,” Matt Tenney recommends measuring the health of an organization. To do that he offers the following metrics, although everyone might not agree that the term is used correctly.

For one thing, there is no way to apply a yardstick or other measuring device to the areas being measured. For another, they focus on individuals in the organization, rather than milestones reached by the organization on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly basis. The measuring comes in the following questions:

* How happy are you at home?

* How happy are you at work?

* How would you explain the vision and mission of our organization?

* To what degree do you feel your daily work contributes to our vision and mission?

* How well do you feel our organization as a whole lives our core values?

* What can we do to help you enjoy your home life more?

* What can we do to help you enjoy coming to work more?