7 Ideas To Get Noticed By Partners

It’s no secret that every organization hopes it will become the “next big thing,” however it can be difficult to find where to start.

During a session called “Get Your Creative Juices Flowing” at the Cause Marketing Forum’s annual conference in Chicago, speakers discussed the importance of embracing new ideas in your organization.

Phil Haid from the Toronto-based marketing agency Public and Joe Waters from Selfish Giving shared seven ideas to stimulate interest in your organization:

  1. Know the secret to cause marketing success: Brands command. Cause marketing doesn’t build success. It builds on it.
  2. Forget companies and focus on individuals. Humans of New York raised $100,000 for Memorial Sloan Kettering by posting touching interviews with patients and family members.
  3. Jump on the moment. Whether it be a viral sensation or a current human rights issue, incorporate it into your organization’s brand.
  4. Identify your cause-marketing hedgehog. By focusing on what your organization does best, you can refine your efforts to best reach your target audience.
  5. “Gamify” your ask. By incorporating a game into your ask, you create engagement and interest from the viewer.
  6. Create a tangible outcome with purchase. By creating a set-up where the consumer gets something while giving, the customer receives a palpable feeling of making a difference.
  7. Create the unexpected. By drawing attention to issues in unique ways, such as a holiday window display on domestic violence. This stirs up conversation and donations to a brand.

By embracing creative ideas in your organization, it allows further engagement with potential consumers and allows the organization to create a memorable brand.