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6 myths (and the package is on the truck)

Myths go back as far as humans communicating with each other. They might be fictional, but they offer some kind of truth about the society that embraces them.

Myths in the nonprofit sector can be revealing about the sector, and at the 2013 Bridge to Integrated Marketing conference Nan McConnell of The McConnell Consulting Group and Suzanne Bissell of Bissell Philanthropy Services dispelled the myths that surround fundraising campaigns undertaken by nonprofits. They gave six myths and showed how each is wrong.

  • Campaigns compete with annual giving for dollars and donors. There is no competition because the case is different. The case for annual giving is mission based. The case for a campaign is the prospectus for an investor in a major fundraising effort.
  • Campaigns hurt annual fundraising. An annual fund helps achieve campaign goals.
  • Every organization is Ready for a Campaign. Campaigns require preparation and planning. Consider organizational readiness.
  • Campaigns divert development resources. Campaigns identify new donors and new volunteers, and they strengthen development systems and infrastructure.
  • Campaigns steal major donors. Annual is the first priority for giving. Campaigns crate opportunities to strengthen relationships with donors.
  • Donors are tapped out after campaigns. Donors are energized by success, by seeing the impact and possibilities created by a campaign. Many donors are never solicited for a campaign, but campaign donors transition to higher levels of annual giving.

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