5 tips to asking for a bigger gift

Just as fishing for swordfish requires different preparation than fishing for flounder, fishing for large gifts requires different methods than typical fundraising.

In their presentation “If Everyone’s Online Why Aren’t You Raising More Money?,” Mark Loux, senior vice president of strategy and analytics for Douglas Shaw & Associates in Naperville, Ill., and Jodi Alison, vice president of global giving at MAP International headquartered in Brunswick Ga., provided attendees of the National Catholic Development Conference five things to keep in mind when asking for big gifts.

  1. Describe the problem or opportunity in terms of the recipients of your work. Illustrate how the given issue impacts their day-to-day life and identify the scope of the need.
  2. Explain how your organization is solving the problem. In doing this, focus on outcomes rather than process. It’s what you do, not how you do it.
  3. Set and share a goal. Identify the cost to solve the issue at hand.
  4. Make it personal. Show how the donor’s gift will help solve the problem for an individual.
  5. Create urgency. Explain why the donor should give now.