4 Tips For Using Social Media To Push Events

So, what can help an event become a real event? It’s strategic use of social media.


That was the advice from Lisa M. Chmiola and Josh Hirsch during the recent Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) International Fundraising Conference.


They said that 90 percent of Instagram users are younger than age 35, 1.7 million events were organized via Eventbrite in 2014, and there are 10 million users registered with Periscope, the streaming video app.


Okay, that sounds good. So, now what? Chmiola and Hirsch offered the following four must-use strategies:

* Hashtag.

* Choose platforms. Where are the constituents? What are the organization’s social media goals? Is there great visual content to share? Who will manage the sites, and what is their level of knowledge?

* Build teams. Who is on the team? What is their role? Do they develop content? Share content provided? What is the strategy before, during and after the event?

* Analyze. Do this inside social media platforms and external sites. Look for: number of followers, increases/decreases, comments, likes, reshares, time of day, day of week (of interactions), demographics. Decide how this will be implemented: Which platforms/apps will be used, how will it be implemented into the event, what challenges can be foreseen, how will the organization determine success?