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The Top 12 Nonprofit Administrative Positions

Nonprofit executives tend to get the best benefits at an organization, and for good reason. It’s unlikely the organization would have success without their leadership and, for that reason, they are generally compensated greatly. This does not mean that other positions have no importance. On the contrary, less glamorous roles like those in the Administrative field are vital to the success of a nonprofit.

The NonProfit Times2014 Salary and Benefits Reports contain data on over 200 nonprofit positions including those in the category of Administrative/General Office. While the salary and benefits you give your high-level executives will get the most scrutiny from the general public, it’s no less important that your administrative employees are compensated fairly. These are the employees that make sure the mundane, everyday tasks are completed efficiently and, if you are paying them below industry standards, they could soon be looking for employment elsewhere.

There are a number of positions in a nonprofit that can be considered administrative but here are the 12 that, according to data we collected from hundreds of nonprofits, are the highest paid:

  • Administration Director: $60,155
  • Administrative Assistant, Intermediate Level: $33,622
  • Administrative Assistant, Junior Level: $31,031
  • Administrative Assistant, Senior Level: $39,721
  • Data Entry Operator: $31,874
  • Data Entry Supervisor: $41,279
  • Executive Assistant: $45,786
  • File Clerk: $27,344
  • Mail Clerk: $31,658
  • Meetings and Events Manager/Planner: $51,818
  • Office Manager: $40,493
  • Receptionist: $28,142

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