Platform Uses Fitness Trackers For Peer-To-Peer Events

As nonprofits are forced to cancel in-person fundraising events due to COVID-19-related health concerns, the ability to meet revenue goals and continue to move their missions forward in these unprecedented times becomes increasingly challenging. An estimated 75 percent of nonprofits are experiencing a reduction in earned revenue and 60 percent are experiencing destabilizing conditions that threaten long-term financial security while demand for nonprofits’ services continues to rise, according to a recent survey from the Nonprofit Finance Fund.

FrontStream, a Reston, Va.-based form that develops financial and fundraising software for nonprofits, partnered with MoveSpring to sync with leading fitness trackers including wearables and smartphones accessible through one of its digital fundraising platform called Panorama. The solution is designed to drive participant engagement and donations through gamification and real-time activity tracking. The virtual fitness event option is available to all of FrontStream’s Panorama Enterprise customers by clicking a button to move an existing event online or as an option for new events in the planning stages, according to an announcement from the firm.

“Prior to COVID-19, online fundraising and DIY (do it yourself) events were quickly emerging as a leading technique for innovative nonprofits to engage with current donors as well as reach previously untapped groups of givers. Now, it is practically essential to their survival,” said Terry LoPresti, chief technology officer, FrontStream. The platforms targets establishing planned and anticipated fitness challenges rather than postpone events or cancel altogether, she said.

FrontStream’s Panorama is available with an annual subscription. Panorama Enterprise customers can turn a peer-to-peer event into a virtual event with real-time activity tracking easily with the click of a button. Pricing for this feature is proportional to the number of event participants, according to a company spokesperson, who declined disclose pricing other than it is based on the size and number of virtual events.