.ORG Honors Nonprofit Per Day For 10 Days

Days for Girls International in Mt. Vernon, Wash., was selected as the .ORG of the Year for its ground-breaking work to improve health, education and livelihood for millions of women and girls around the world by Public Interest Registry (PIR), the people behind .ORG.

Days for Girls is being honored as part of the “10 Days of .ORG” online experience that celebrates the range of achievements that have healed, inspired, transformed and connected communities over the past year.

Each day of the 10-day celebration, which concludes today, places a spotlight on award-winning organizations and individuals making our communities a better place.

Last week, Days for Girls was also honored with the 2020 .ORG Impact Award in the Combatting Coronavirus category. For more information, please visit daysforgirls.org.

“We are so incredibly honored to be named the Combating Coronavirus and .ORG of the Year award winners,” said Celeste Mergens, founder and CEO of Days for Girls International. “This year was filled with unprecedented challenges for the organization, not just because delivering our usual services became more complicated, but because it brought a new challenge — the need for PPE. So thank you to Public Interest Registry and the .ORG Community for recognizing our efforts with these awards. This is the culmination of more than a decade’s work in trying to improve the lives and livelihoods of women and girls around the world.

“Days for Girls International is a truly inspiring organization, helping make the world a better place,” said Jon Nevett, president and CEO of the Public Interest Registry. “Every day, Days for Girls is empowering women and girls to achieve their dreams by providing critical education and health resources to those who need them. On behalf of the entire PIR organization, I want to congratulate Days for Girls. Days for Girls represents the best of what .ORG has to offer.”

More than 500 organizations and individuals submitted entries for the 2020 .ORG Impact Awards. Submissions were reviewed and scored by a panel of judges who are leaders in the Internet, nonprofit and marketing sectors. All nominations were required to be tied to an active website with a .ORG domain. Award winners will receive donation amounts of up to $30,000 to an eligible charitable entity of their choice. Please visit http://www.orgimpactawards.org/ for complete rules and information.

Since its founding in 2008, Days for Girls International has provided Days for Girls Kits and menstrual health education worldwide. Their efforts were expanded in a critical time during the Coronavirus Pandemic, providing PPE services, resources and education across the globe. As the seriousness of the crisis emerged, the team created the #Masks4Millions campaign and participated in the Periods Don’t Pause for Pandemics campaign. These brought together thousands of volunteers to assist in slowing the spread of COVID-19 by championing hygiene advocacy and ensuring resources reached the communities in need.

The 2020 .ORG Impact Award Winners are:

  • Combatting Coronavirus

Days for Girls International: Masks for Millions & Periods Don’t Pause for Pandemics Fighting Hunger and Poverty

  • Fighting Hunger and Poverty

Food For Free: Improving access to healthy food within the greater Boston area

  • Championing Equality, Equity, Inclusion

Change Labs: Fostering Native American entrepreneurship for the Navajo and Hopi Nations

  • Promoting Education

SMASH: Building a strong, diverse and socially conscious tech workforce

  • Advancing Environmental Sustainability

Mangrove Action Project: Protecting the world’s mangrove forests

  • Promoting A Safer Internet

Child Rescue Coalition: Protecting innocence through technology

  • Innovation Award

Crisis Tracker: Mapping violence in Central Africa

  • Outstanding Volunteer

Kayla Abramowitz, chief kid officer of Kayla Cares 4 Kids: Collecting and donating items for kids in hospitals

  • .ORG Newcomer of The Year

Arwa Damon, president & co-founder of INARA: Life-altering medical care for children from conflict areas who have catastrophic injuries or illnesses

  • .ORG of The Year

Days for Girls International: Masks4Millions & Periods Don’t Pause for Pandemics