Millennial Donors Want Transparency From You
nonprofit management tips

Reaching out to the largest generation in history is worth your effort, but first you must appreciate their values — especially transparency — according to a marketing executive who recently addressed a national nonprofit’s annual conference.

Millennials value openness and transparency, so those must be present in your campaign, said Caryn Stein, of Ruffalo Noel Levits, during a presentation to the National Development Conference event in National Harbor, Md.

Those born between 1979 and 1993 total 80 million in the United States, she said, and the generation will enjoy a transfer of an estimated $41 billion from older generations.

They prefer to perform smaller actions before fully committing to a cause, Stein noted, and 70 percent of millennials have urged others to give.

They will comprise 50 percent of the workforce by 2020, and millennials value an entrepreneurial mindset, Stein’s presentation said. Also, an appreciation for diversity and collaborative leadership made the list of top millennial values, as did a strong opposition to hierarchy.