Free Webinar: Meeting Evolving Nonprofit Regulations in 2014

The New Year is just around the corner and with it comes a lot of changes for your nonprofit. One of the adaptations your organization will have to make is to the continuously changing nonprofit accounting regulations and standards.

Join us on December 19 at 2:00 p.m. for “Meeting Evolving Nonprofit Regulations in 2014,” the latest in our free webinar series with Intacct Corporation. Jacqueline Tiso, CEO of JMT Consulting Group, will inform attendees how you can ensure accountability and compliance in all facets of your financial management in the ever changing world of accounting regulations. She will do this by showing how nonprofits can leverage their accounting systems to meet these challenges.

Other topics that will be covered during the webinar include:

  • What new regulations and standards should concern you most.
  • How to implement internal controls to ensure accountability.
  • How to provide transparency to show compliance with funder requirements
  • Why cloud financials makes accountability easier than ever with lower cost and increased ease of use

Register today for this webinar so you can get your nonprofit on the right fiscal track in 2014. You an also view past NPT webinars with Intacct and other companies on our online library.