Charity Fuels PayPal To Guinness World Record

PayPal was awarded the Guinness World Record title for “Most money raised online for charity in 24 hours,” with users giving more than $45.8 million globally on Giving Tuesday, Dec. 1, more than doubling the previous record of $19 million.

The payment processor reported a 15 percent increase in giving during the holiday season while the number of mobile donations rose by 26 percent compared with the same time in 2014. More than 1 in 5 donations were made on a mobile device.

PayPal processed $857 million in donations globally between Nov. 27 and Dec. 31, up more than $113 million over the same time during the previous year. The number of charities supported was up 6 percent to 258,758 organizations. There were 7.24 million people who made donations, with an average gift of $93.

Of the 9.1 million gifts made through PayPal, 21 percent were from mobile devices. The total number of gifts via mobile devices was up 26 percent over 2014.

The United States led all 183 countries where donors contributed, with $691.924 million, followed by:

  • United Kingdom, $49.377 million;
  • Canada, $42.959 million;
  • Germany, $16.752 million;
  • France, $14.415 million; and,
  • Australia, $13.023 million.

This past holiday season PayPal debuted the Holiday Giving Tracker, sharing milestones and trends in charitable giving. The company also matched 1 percent of all donations of at least $10.