The Most Read NPT Online Stories Of 2019

Money and mergers caught the attention most of readers of The NonProfit Times during 2019.

Online readers were most interested and clicked fundraising, merger, money and personality stories. The merger between The Foundation Center and GuideStar attracted eyeballs early in the year and the ongoing decline in donors and gifts continued to keep fundraisers anxious despite a solid economy.

Politics also placed a few stories in the top dozen as a presidential election looms next year, including how nonprofits responded to the federal government shutdown early in the year and the ultimate penalties levied upon the Trump Foundation earlier this month.

Readers surprised with what caught their interest, with a story about a Super Bowl ad donated to Girls, Inc. as the seventh most viewed story of 2019.

Leading the list of clicks, as usual, is the Best Nonprofits To Work For special report. That annual package of stories has led the click parade for at least the past five years and also appears in the April print edition of The NonProfit Times. Other stalwart special reports among the top 10 are The NPT Power & Influence Top 50 and The NPT 100, an in-depth study of America’s largest nonprofits that derive at least 10 percent of overall revenue from the public’s support.

As the year comes to a close, these are the top 12 most viewed stories during 2019 on TheNonProfitTimes.com:

12. Trump Pays $2 Million Fine; Foundation Assets Liquidated, Distributed

11. Foundations, Estates Expected To Fuel Rise In Philanthropy

10. Federal Shutdown Has Nonprofits Opening Services

9. The 2019 NPT 100: An In-Depth Study of America’s Largest Nonprofits

8. Nonprofit Accounting Under Regulatory Scrutiny

7. Girls Inc. Scores Super Bowl Ad

6. Shake-Up At Community Brands

5. Fundraising, Number of Donors Plunging

4. Shah Joins Buttigieg Campaign

3. Foundation Center, GuideStar Merge, Creating Mega Data Portal

2. The 2019 NPT Power & Influence Top 50

1. Best Nonprofits To Work For: Flexibility, Benefits And Feeling Appreciated Key Top Nonprofits