ADRFCO Merges Into Nonprofit Alliance

The Association of Direct Response Fundraising Counsel (ADRFCO) has merged into The Nonprofit Alliance (TNPA). Both organizations are in Washington, D.C. ADRFCO will become a Council under the TNPA organizational umbrella and continue its work to represent the sector’s interests before state and federal government, and to educate nonprofit organizations and the general public about the use of direct response fundraising.

ADRFCO works to head-off ill-informed and potentially costly state regulatory initiatives and regularly delivers educational programming on direct response at the annual conference of state charity officials, according to Shannon McCracken, chief executive officer of TNPA.

“ADRFCO was founded to protect the interests of direct response fundraising consultants and their clients and to set ethical standards by which consultants would operate. These important standards and mission will continue as the ADRFCO Council under TNPA,” said ADRFCO Board of Directors Chair Craig DePole via a statement. The ADRFCO Board of Directors will retain leadership roles as the Council’s Advisory Board.

The Council initially includes the current 37 members of ADRFCO. Other qualified members of TNPA will be eligible to join. ADRFCO General Counsel Robert Tigner will assume the role of General Counsel for The Nonprofit Alliance.

TNPA is a professional association that formed in 2018. Initially mostly fundraisers, the intention is to include many aspects of nonprofit operations. It is funded by a founding membership drive in late 2018 that raised $750,000 in support prior to opening for annual membership in February 2019.

Earlier this year, TNPA announced that it was creating a Council for faith-based organizations, offering membership benefits to more than 200 Catholic organizations and their company partners following closure of the 50-year-old National Catholic Development Conference (NCDC).

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