Nonprofit Staff Want Career Advancement Chances, DEI
Nonprofit Staff Want Career Advancement Chances, DEI

There are three vital elements to developing a nonprofit workforce – hiring, understanding the employee perspective and weaving inclusion into everything. Citing its own and statistics from various sources, researchers at online forum LinkedIn for Nonprofits compiled information from three successful organizations on the platform.

While many factors go into building a successful nonprofit workplace, hiring the right people, providing them resources and growth opportunities, and creating a culture of inclusion are foundational to creating a positive and productive work environment where employees and organizations all prosper, according to authors of “Creating Workplaces Where Employees and their Nonprofits Thrive.”

Citing data from a report by Nonprofit HR, 43% of U.S. social sector organizations surveyed say lack of opportunity for upward mobility or career growth is a primary reason for voluntary turnover and 79% of respondents said that talent acquisition was a priority in 2022. 

Human resource managers need to aggressively search and build a following on social media platforms by proactively searching, generating interest and spotting potential of candidates who might not check all of the boxes.

Education once workers are in the door is important. Some 78% of respondents said they were prioritizing learning and development in 2022. It is important to create asynchronous learning opportunities –those that fix people’s schedules when they decide they can fir them in. Microlearning is taking hold. That means stepping away from regular work for – in some cases – just minutes.

Citing Nonprofit HR again, 32% of U.S. nonprofit leaders surveyed said they implemented diversity, equity, and inclusion training in 2022. 

Also, understanding what employees think is vital. To do that, managers should consider holding group roundtables, speaking to team across the organization and conducting “stay” interviews, as the exit interview is way too late.

The full report can be downloaded at https://bit.ly/3WT0klr