10 Steps To Auditing Your Hiring Practices
In 10 Steps To Auditing Your Hiring Practices

Google, Facebook and LinkedIn have changed dramatically the way companies look for candidates and hire people to fill positions. For small nonprofits, especially founder-run organizations, the move poses to be a problem, according to Maxine Harris and Michael B. O’Leary.

In their book, “Tales From a Reluctant CEO: Lessons for Nonprofit and Start-up Leaders,” the authors provide some sample questions to help audit your hiring process and assess the extent to which it follows evidence-based best practices:

  • Are we considering combinations of tools to achieve the highest validity and lowest adverse impact?
  • Have we considered how our ordering of tools affects validity and adverse impact?
  • Are we clear on the criteria we are using to assess our process, such as job performance, retention, etc.?
  • Are we providing applications with the specific information they desire?
  • Have we elected recruiters who are warm and friendly?
  • Is appropriate attention being given to early recruitment activities?
  • Do we solicit feedback from applications on their satisfaction with the process, including those to whom we made offers and those we didn’t?
  • Do we have evidence that selection procedures are job related?
  • Is the selection process consistently administered?
  • Does the process allow for some two-way communications?