Cybersecurity Experts Lining Up To Defend Charities
Cybersecurity Experts Lining Up To Defend Charities

Forums to share insights and influence stronger and smarter cybersecurity practices are going to be provided via volunteer programs being launched by (ISC)², a Clearwater, Fla.-based nonprofit association of certified cybersecurity professionals.

Through the volunteer program, the 160,000 cybersecurity specialists whom make up (ISC)²’s membership, as well as qualified non-members, will offer insights into industry challenges, such as disparities in the cybersecurity workforce, provide privacy and security threat education services, help set and modify industry qualification standards and certifications and provide professional development support, among other activities.

Most cybersecurity work and consulting is done virtually, and the volunteer program will follow suit. As part of the registration process, prospective volunteers are asked about their credentials, awards, (ISC)² participation, experience, and desired results from volunteering. They are then offered a variety of potential activities, including education material development, teaching, speaking and event moderation, participation in (ISC²)’s board, chapter and other leadership positions, blogging and focus groups and other options.

Volunteers receive, as well as give. Through the program, the cyber, information, software and infrastructure security professionals who offer their time and expertise will have the opportunity to develop new skills — such as strategic thinking, change management and conflict resolution — gain a sense of self-accomplishment and self-confidence and expand their network. In some cases, they might earn professional education credits as a benefit of their participating. Available participation opportunities range from micro-volunteering to short- and long-term participation.

“(ISC)² is built on the strengths of our members and their volunteer efforts, and we greatly appreciate the time they have dedicated to supporting key programs and services,” (ISC)²’s EVP of Advocacy, Global Markets and Member Engagement Tara Wisniewski via a statement. “The work of our volunteers helps us achieve our goals of advancing and diversifying the profession, supporting professionals and increasing cyber awareness. With this new program, we hope to inspire more individuals to channel their passion and expertise, give back to their communities, gain useful experience and inspire a safe and secure cyber world.”

Additional information on the program is available here: https://www.isc2.org/Volunteer. Individuals interested in becoming an (ISC)² volunteer can opt-in to the volunteer pool by filling out the online form available here: www.isc2.org/volunteer/volunteer-interest.