Grant Proposal Must Include NPO’s Greatest Hits
Grant Proposal Must Include NPO’s Greatest Hits

Putting together a proposal for a grant is a rigorous process that must be done right achieve results. One element of a proposal that is commonly included is the organization’s history, demonstrating how it has made a difference.

In his book “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Grant Writing,” Waddy Thompson offers several tips about including an organization’s history in any grant proposal. Regarding the history:

  • Don’t rely on the same statement of your history to convey the important points relevant to your proposal. If your organization is known for more than one activity, beef up the most relevant, not all of them.
  • Consider applying the outcomes method or proposal construction (process focused, or chronological) to your history to provide a clear picture of your charity impact.
  • Use testimonials from clients and those in your field to reinforce your message. Don’t be afraid to improve the grammar or make the quote shorter, but don’t change its meaning.
  • Use press reports to increase your credibility. When an organization appears in the news might be a good time to apply anyway because it will be in people’s minds.
  • Always include proof of nonprofit status, even with renewal grants. If you have a fiscal sponsor, include proof of that sponsor’s tax-exempt status.
  • Keep staff and consultant bios brief.
  • Don’t include bulky items, such as videotapes and books, unless the funder requests them.