Capital University Promises Half-Price Tuition To Students of ‘Mission-Centered’ Families

Capital University, a private undergraduate and graduate school in Columbus, Ohio, has promised to give half-price tuition to members of families who work for a nonprofit or public service organization. The program is scheduled to begin during the 2019 school year.
The purpose of the program is to encourage more people to work in organizations that have a mission to “champion good,” explained Dr. Elizabeth L. Paul, president of Capital University on the school’s website.

“A brighter world needs more champions for good. You invest in others. We’ll invest in you,” the statement continued.

The tuition offer is for full-time undergraduate students and applies to employees of nonprofit and public service groups.

Known as the “Good Guarantee,” the program is offered along with another Capital University scholarship program known as The Bonner Leaders Program, which offers scholarships for the first generation of lower-income families who are passionate about community and social justice matters. The students involved in this program work to encourage social development and enhance local economies.

The “Good Guarantee” and The Bonner Leaders Program are Capital University’s response to the perception that the cost of private higher education is too high for many families, according to a statement from the school, which spends more than $50 million a year on scholarships and grants to families in need. About 100 percent of Capital University undergraduate students receive financial aid from the school.

The assistance helps the students to have an educational experience at a cost that is competitive with larger state universities. For the 2018-2019 school year, the school’s tuition for full time undergraduate students is about $35,000 a year. Students of the school who meet the requirements for the “Good Guarantee” program and who are receiving financial aid that is less than 50 percent of the tuition also qualify for the program. There is no cap on the number of students who can gain from the program.

Although the school hopes to benefit families in central Ohio, it is open to students from around the country.

Founded by the Lutheran Church in 1830 and chartered as a university in 1850, Capital University has about 3,500 students. It offers 60 majors and more than 50 minors in the fields of Music, Arts and Communication, Business and Management, Education, Humanities, Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Computer Science, Nursing and Health, and Social Sciences. It also offers graduate degrees and post-degree certifications in Education, Law, Nursing, Business, and Music Education.