Golf And Cash – Great Four-Letter Words
Golf And Cash – Great Four-Letter Words

Golf tournaments are as much a go-to for nonprofits as Michael’s Jordan’s fade away jumper or Wolfgang Puck’s spatula. For many golf enthusiasts, it provides them the opportunity to test their skills on famed courses, compete with other amateurs, and donate to a good cause. 

And, while the cause itself is generally most important to those playing in any charity golf tournament, it’s still important to provide a good experience on the course to keep people returning annually and bringing new players with them. 

Most importantly, you’ll want to pick a date, time, and venue that gives your nonprofit the best opportunity to attract the most people, according to Brandy Keller, vice president of product at Community Brands. That means weekends on a course of note are most desirable and likely to attract large swaths of players. But often that isn’t possible, since weekends are a course’s money-making days. 

So, try to target a date and time that offers people the most work flexibility. Any titan of tees is going to be interested in the format — whether it be a best-ball tournament, scramble, or any other number of ways in which a tournament can be organized. 

But perhaps what’s most intriguing about a golf tournament is the numerous other add-ons that can help generate even more revenue for the nonprofit. Hole-in-one competitions, mid-round snack sales, corporate sponsorships, raffles, and silent auctions are just a few of the revenue enhancers that can be added to any golf tournament, according to Keller. 

A golf event can increase overall revenue by offering dinner-only tickets. This option would be targeted toward couples who both want to attend, but only one person is a golfer. Not only does this option increase revenue in advance of the event, but naturally will increase demand for the cash bar. And, more people at the course expands your audience for raffles and silent auctions, thereby increasing overall event revenue as well. 

Charity golf season can be amongst the busiest in the nonprofit world because of its appeal and offerings, according to Keller. Their popularity can be leveraged into day-of fundraising opportunities, making a flawlessly executed tournament one that can annually help boost revenue for any nonprofit.