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“Optimist” Bloomberg Sets Foundation’s Course

Philanthropist, media mogul and former New York City Mike Bloomberg calls himself an optimist in his annual letter on philanthropy. He also outlined the priorities for his foundation, which include climate and environment, gun violence, opioids, education, and supporting local leaders. Those come under the headings of arts, education, environment, government innovation, and public health. […]

Theft Results In Probated Sentence

A former nonprofit executive was ordered to pay $128,900.80 in restitution and fees after pleading guilty to third degree felony theft from the San Angelo Emergency Corps. Clinton Cory Pelzel, 41, stole more than $100,00 from the organization across five years. The theft was discovered in 2016 and is just now being adjudicated. Pelzel spent […]

Workplace Protections Are Federal Law

Employees with various disabilities are protected by a large number of federal laws. The protections can include the provision of alternate work arrangements. The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has issued a publication available online, “Depression, PTSD, & Other Mental Health Conditions in the Workplace: Your Legal Rights.” It offers a series of questions […]

Small NPOs Want Action on Healthcare

Small nonprofits want government action on health care, but they’re split over whether a “Medicare for All”-style policy is the right answer. The biggest motivation, according to survey results, is ensuring their employees have access to a quality health benefit. It is a key finding from the Nonprofits on Benefits: 2019 Report from PeopleKeep. It […]

Majority Of Nonprofit Employees Happy In Their Jobs

Happy employees can make for a better, more productive workplace but they also can help a charity’s bottom line. San Diego, Calf.-based Classy surveyed more than 1,000 nonprofit professionals for “World-Changing Work: The Modern Nonprofit Professional’s Experience,” taking the temperature of employee on the job satisfaction, their organization’s use of technology, and fundraising and social […]

Giving Drops Despite Advisors Pitching It More

Almost every metric monitored by the Fundraising Effectiveness Project (FEP) decreased during the first quarter of 2019, leading to concerns about the growth of charitable giving for the rest of the year. It mirrors reports from the first quarter of 2018. Meanwhile, a study by Fidelity Charitable shows that the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act […]

Episode 17: Are Millennials Really So Selfish?

Millennials often get blamed for killing entire industries, from cars and diamonds to malls, fast casual restaurants and cable television. Apparently, they spend so much on avocado toast that they can’t afford a mortgage (or that could be the result of their crushing college debt and coming of age in the Great Recession). But Millennials […]

Senior Management Shake-up At Nature Conservancy

An interim chief executive has been appointed at The Nature Conservancy after accusations that senior management mishandled complaints of sexual harassment and multiple forms of bullying. Former U.S. Secretary of the Interior and current Nature Conservancy director Sally Jewell was appointed interim CEO. Until Jewell assumes the role full time on Sept. 3, she will […]

Members Generate Income And Awareness

Any nonprofit needs support, and usually the more the better. Members donate money, but they also can spread the word about the organization or the mission or both. Sometimes sheer numbers can have an effect on impact. The need for fundraising is so constant that sometimes the opportunities for increasing membership are overlooked. Members do […]

It’s A Beautiful Day In Fundraising

Healthcare organizations are finding that grateful patient fundraising is working in many instances. Gratitude does not have to stop with healthcare. Any organization must show its gratitude to those associated with the organization, be it staff, donors or advocates. It also helps the fundraiser on a personal level. Practicing gratitude was the focus during a […]

Grants: Finding The Right Evaluation Consultant

It’s almost inevitable that most nonprofits will need assistance from a professional evaluation consultant at some point. A funder might require that the program be evaluated by an independent expert. A complicated program might be beyond in-house capacity to adequately assess. Involving an evaluation expert could give a proposal just the needed competitive edge. “Good […]