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We are excited to announce our Brand New Marketplace, the authoritative directory of suppliers to NonProfit Organizations.

NonProfit Career Board

The NPT Career Board was rated as One of the TOP 7 places to find a Non Profit Job online by Forbes.

PayPal Launches New Generosity Network App

PayPal launched a new all-in-one, personalized app that includes a bevy of new features to manage their finances, from savings to shopping, as well as an expanded way to give directly to charities, individuals and businesses. The San Jose, Calif-based payment processor introduced the Generosity Network in the United States last year to offer customers […]

Strong Boards Score Better On Environmental, Social and Governance

Companies with well-connected directors and strong board networks score better than companies with weak board networks on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues, according to a new report. The Board Matrix: The (ESG) Value of Well-Connected Donors by Temi Olyeniyi and Zack Yang of the S&P Global Market Intelligence’s Quantamental Research examines the relationship between […]

Research Matters If You Expect To Win Award

Successful grant proposals include documentation to support the case for funding, and it’s usually the grants professional who burrows into research, evaluation reports, news stories, websites, and journals to unearth what’s needed. “Grants people are ad hoc researchers,” said Barbara Floersch. “When someone has worked on numerous proposals in one issue area they often have […]

Donors Plan Continued, Increased Support

Donors expect to continue giving through the end of 2021 at the same or even higher level than 2020, when charitable giving reached a record total in the United States. While 59% of donors plan to give at the same level in 2021, similar to 2020, almost one-third (31%) said they plan to increase their […]

You’re Eligible to Apply, But Are You Eligible to Win an Award?

Eligibility is the number one factor in go- no-go decisions about applying for federal grants. Determining eligibility to enter a competition is straightforward. In you can search funding opportunities by eligibility category (i.e., nonprofit, city or township government, for profit, etc.), and funding guidelines detail eligibility requirements for entering a competition. If you have […]

Boards Still Lagging In DEI, Survey Shows

Many organizations have intentions to diversify their boards but most have not had success or have even started trying and nonprofit leadership and upper management remains mostly White, according to a report by a Connecticut foundation. The 13-page report, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Landscape of the Valley, by the Valley Community Foundation (VCF) surveyed […]

Estate Plan Targeting In 10 Steps

Gender and childlessness have always been among the leading indicators for charitable gifts in estate planning. New research has identified a top 10 list of lifetime characteristics that are most important in predicting charitable transfers. “The Emerging Potential of Longitudinal Empirical Research in Estate Planning: Examples from Charitable Bequests” is based on the Health and […]

Immersive Messaging Will Lead Next-Gen Comm

Some people believe traditional webinars are quaint relics of earlier communication methods. They are heavily moderated, one-way events at a time when the value of two-way dialog has been championed for years. This trend will only accelerate as Millennials and Gen Zers, who have grown up among mediums that foster constant feedback loops, continue moving […]