Follow The Clues: A Nonprofit Finance Sleuth Uncovers Fraud


Our latest whitepaper, “FOLLOW THE CLUES: A Nonprofit Finance Sleuth Uncovers Fraud,” tackles the topic of fraud by presenting real-life scenarios as you follow Audie Money, the world’s greatest nonprofit fraud consulting detective. The story uncovers some of the more common ways fraud can occur, by walking you through the scene, the shock, the response, as well as the road to recovery, and provides insight on topics like:

  • Fraud myths
  • Red flags signaling fraud
  • First steps after you discover fraud
  • Tips for managing a fraud crisis
  • Basic safeguards you can employ
  • Human Capital Planning

And, you’ll receive our anti-cheat sheet for preventing nonprofit fraud. It’s a quick check for preventing fraud, understanding risks, and how to develop a clear plan of action when fraud occurs.

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