Abila: Nonprofit Audit Workshop 2018


“Audit” doesn’t have to be a dirty word at your nonprofit! A thorough financial audit gives you a clear picture of how well your organization manages and tracks its funds, which in turn makes you more effective in carrying out your mission. Passing your audit with flying colors builds confidence among donors and staff. Plus, preparing for your audit and remediating any issues it uncovers can only strengthen your financial practices. That’s why we’ve put together this guide – “Nonprofit Audit Workshop 2018” – to help you prepare for a smooth, successful audit. In it, you’ll learn:

Download Abila’s audit guide “Nonprofit Audit Workshop 2018” and discover:

  • What an audit should achieve
  • How to prepare for an audit
  • Roles of staff members, board members, and auditors
  • The role of technology supporting audits
  • What you can expect during and after your audit
  • How to fully prepare for next year

Your finance team members deserve to sleep well at night, knowing they’ve done everything they should to create an efficient and painless audit experience. Download the guide to find out how!

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