Success Stories for Nonprofit Leaders
Success Stories for Nonprofit Leaders: How to use Technology to Expand your Reach & Create Mission Impact

As a nonprofit organization, you’re likely being asked to serve more people, expand your reach, or scale your programs in some way. But how can you realistically meet that challenge on a budget? Join this executive session to hear from leaders at the Code of Support Foundation and The Barnes Foundation on how they used technology to scale their reach and better serve beneficiaries.

They will share:

  • The types of challenges each of their organizations faced when it came to scaling programs and services.
  • How technology helped them solve those challenges.
  • Real, tangible steps and tips about how to implement technology to help you expand your reach.

Stream this webinar here!


  • Kristina Kaufmann – Chief Executive Officer (Code of Support Foundation)
  • William Cary – Chief of Business Strategy and Analytics (Barnes Foundation)
  • Allen Spiegler, Chief Information Officer, The Los Angeles LGBT Center