Nonprofit Leader’s Guide To Cybersecurity: Ramsomware, Phishing and Hacking
Nonprofit Leader’s Guide To Cybersecurity: Ramsonware, Phishing and Hacking

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Nonprofits can’t afford to have donor and client data compromised. Nonprofits can’t afford to be hacked and phished for organizational financial information. Insurance can cover the initial losses but an organization might not ever recover the trust placed in it by supporters and those served.

That’s why The NonProfit Times and Tech Impact, two organizations dedicated to the nonprofit sector, have together developed this digital publication and webinar. It’s easy to think that your organization is safe, and that hackers are only interested in big corporate targets. But if you collect data on constituents, that data is at risk. Nonprofits where executives remain complacent about that risk become more attractive targets.

  • Registrants get a 40-page digital manual and worksheets, a a free webinar, and a one-year subscription to The NonProfit Times!

-Karen Graham, Director of Education & Outreach, Tech Impact
-Jordan McCarthy, Infrastructure & Security Lead, Tech Impact

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Nonprofit Leader’s Guide To Cybersecurity: Ransomware, Phishing and Hacking
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Good afternoon, everyone. I’m Paul Clarion vice president and editorial director here at MPT publishing group the nonprofit times and Welcome to our webinar with tech impact the wonderful folks who tell me everything. I need to know about security and believe me. They they don’t want to hear my phone calls anymore cyber security for nonprofit leaders is a major Topic in every corner of the nonprofit world.
I was just added a conference in Arizona and a very Our person in the cybersecurity world said all think of that think of this.
One of your staff is walking into the building and they see a flash drive on the ground and all of a sudden it says on the flash drive cuts for 2019 4th quarter.
They walk into the building out of curiosity. They plug it into your network. Have a nice day. Everybody. Everybody’s been corrupted. It’s such a simple mistake to make and it’s generally the simple mistakes that really get nonprofits into cyber security issues and I am thrilled that Karen Graham and Jordan McCarthy of tech impact are going to lead us through this conversation. We are on go to webinar so you can ask questions.
There’s a box on the on your screen where you can ask questions and we can go from there. I will ask questions as well along the way and Jordan and Karen will be leading our discussion. So I Karen I think I’m throwing it to you. Is that correct? Right and I’m just showing a couple of things on the screens here Paul. Did you want to I’ve got to undo that I guess that’s okay. You don’t have to do that…