Laggard or Trailblazer? Leading in Today’s Data-Driven Landscape
Laggard or Trailblazer? Leading in Today’s Data-Driven Landscape

Hyper-focusing on the donor experience is a common [and critical] theme for driving successful fundraising strategies. Data is at the center of that universe. The new reality is that every nonprofit is now also a data company, and the collection of data is everyone’s job, both from marketing and the fundraising sides of the organization. But, the management, augmentation, and segmentation of data is what differentiates the laggards from the trailblazers.

In this session, we’ll examine emerging trends and best practices that equip you to leverage data strategically, serve today’s donor demands, and remain relevant in the ever-evolving fundraising landscape.


  • What data-driven really means + why it shouldn’t be intimidating
  • Augmented Intelligence: The data universe (zero, first, second, and third party data)
  • Why timing is critical with upcoming data privacy laws
  • The multichannel “multiplier”: How to leverage data to reach donors at different touch points

Join our industry experts:

  • Dawn Galasso, Vice President of Sales (GivingDNA)
  • Richard Geiger, Senior Vice President (Nonprofit Solutions, Data Axle)
  • Harmonie Farrow, Director Annual Giving, (Children’s Medical Center Foundation)

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