Executive Session: Rebooting and Managing After COVID-19
Executive Session: Rebooting and Managing After COVID-19

States are starting to open back up – some more quickly than others, even as the pandemic is still traversing the globe. What is clear is that the nonprofits and the clients served by them are still a long way from getting back to whatever can be defined as normal. An all-star panel from some of the nation’s most well-known nonprofits will provide perspective and ideas for picking up the pieces after the pandemic.

The topics up for discussion include:

  • What does re-entry back to the office look like for employees and the organization?
  • What preparation do you need to do for the fall in the event we have a reoccurrence?
  • Where is the revenue coming from in your business model and the risks involved?
  • What behaviors will you change within your finance team to provide insight into producing nimble “what if” scenarios for better crisis preparedness?

This webinar is a live webinar-style reboot of the popular Executive Session series of special reports in The NonProfit Times, often coordinated with United Way Worldwide.

Moderated by: Paul Clolery, Editorial Director of NPT Publishing and The NonProfit Times.


  • Brian Gallagher, President & CEO, United Way Worldwide
  • Melanie Lockwood Herman, Executive Director, The Nonprofit Risk Management Center
  • Jonathan Reckford, President & CEO, Habitat For Humanity International
  • Kevin Washington, President & CEO, YMCA of the USA

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