Nonprofit Audit 101


Nonprofit Audit 101: A Guide to The Fundamentals and More is a quick guide for nonprofit finance leaders and executive leaders, providing key fundamentals and know-how, first class best practices, and insight into how to optimize the nonprofit audit process at your organization. From the nuts and bolts of the nonprofit audit overall to the technology that allows organizations to gain a leg up, Abila’s guidebook will provide you and your nonprofit finance team with the resources and tools needed to drive growth and success.

Gain the Knowledge You Need to Ensure Your Audit is Successful.

    We cover a lot of ground in the guide, including:

  • Types and formats of audits
  • Common misconceptions
  • Three stages of an audit
  • What happens if fraud is discovered
  • Red flags for your auditor
  • How technology can ensure a smoother audit
  • What happens if fraud is discovered
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