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SureBet Fundraising


gegpoker-logo-transparentGoldstar Entertainment Group (GEG) launches SureBet Fundraising, an online Las Vegas Gala now available to all nonprofits. Retain and grow memberships and stimulate donations with this edgy, fundraising tool. Games are played with virtual chips, not real money, for enjoyment purposes which is unrestricted in all states. In just a few easy steps, your organization can launch a minimum cost, maximum potential campaign that will grab the attention of your target audience and encourage participation. Download this presentation to learn more.

Clear: How PEOs Can Save NonProfits Time


ClearEmployerServicesHaving employees adds 147 tasks to executive directors’ ‘to do’ lists, ranging from employment law compliance to benefit plan cost containment. At best, these can be time consuming, at worst, put the organization at risk. This white paper explores nonprofits’ evolving HR challenges, and how a PEO can save time, maximize productivity and reduce liability. Download now.

Blackbaud: Becoming A Master Negotiator

BlackbaudWhat could 9% more revenue do for your organization? When it comes to negotiating for more funding, there are tactics and strategies that you can use to achieve better results. This white paper shows you how! But these tactics should only be part of your strategy. The right nonprofit fund accounting solution can give you immediate access to data and resources to help you with reporting, manage grants, positively affect the bottom line. See how Financial Edge NXT can impact your organization’s revenue, decrease administrative expenses, and help put more money toward your mission. Want to learn more? Download this free whitepaper today.

Outcome Metrics: Measuring What Matters in the Nonprofit World

intacctDownload this free whitepaper to learn how you can quickly and clearly capture, validate, quantify, and report on the appropriate outcome metrics. And learn how the right financial management solution will position your organization for greater efficiency, greater growth, and, ultimately, greater success. Want to learn more? Download this free whitepaper today.

Abila: The Ultimate Guide to Online Fundraising

AbilaThe Ultimate Guide to Online Fundraising contains articles, real-life examples, worksheets, and more to guide you through the six steps of online fundraising: targeting, appeals, websites, donation forms, thank yous, and follow-up communication. Each chapter is authored by a nonprofit expert, diving into his or her niche specialty and sharing practical recommendations. Want to learn more? Download this free whitepaper from Abila today.

Mission Possible: NetSuite Aids Innovation and Impact

netsuite-330These are challenging times for nonprofit organizations. In the face of increasing donor expectations, reporting and transparency that might have been good enough yesterday can become an existential threat to tomorrow. The most successful nonprofits are those that can leverage new business models that blur the boundaries between non-profit and for-profit approaches. And they are increasingly investing in new technologies and best practices to help them amplify these efforts. Download this free ebook to learn how high-impact nonprofit organizations are leveraging NetSuite to accelerate their missions.

Growing Individual Gifts: An Analytical Approach to Data-Driven Success

Wealth-EngineWealthEngine is proud to present our workbook Growing Individual Gifts: An Analytical Approach to Data-Driven Success. This workbook takes readers step-by-step through the strategies needed for success and growth in individual giving, offering guidance from assessing and planning, through building strategies and measuring success. An accompanying toolkit shares electronic tools and resources available for download, to further enable readers to grow individual gifts at their organizations.
Download this free whitepaper from Wealth Engine today!

Blackbaud Mission Infused CFO

BlackbaudThe nonprofit financial world is changing quickly, and the isolated CFO has been rendered obsolete. The future nonprofit CFO is a mission-infused, proactive leader who interacts with a finance-driven program and administrative team. It’s important to understand how everything connects. This white paper will explore financial strategies nonprofits can take to invest in mission and strategy and the connection between finance and mission that leads to organizational success! Download this free whitepaper from Blackbaund today!

UniVoIP: Benefits of the Cloud

univoip-logo-medIs your organization ready for “the cloud”? The time has come for organizations to face the reality of today’s communications. That relying on an old-fashioned legacy telephone system and its limited features is simply not good enough — to maximize limited staff productivity, improve communications and collaboration between constituents, donors and volunteers, or adequately handle workflows. Want to learn more? Download this free whitepaper.

Abila: Donor Loyalty Study

AbilaBuilding upon the 2015 Donor Engagement Study, the Donor Loyalty Study examines what drives donor loyalty, what types of content donors really like to consume, what actions by an organization annoy donors, and what role events and volunteering play. The Study is based on responses from 1,136 U.S. donors, and includes special sections on high-wealth donors (those who earn more than $200,000 annually) and generational trends. Want to learn more? Download this free whitepaper from Abila today.