Phishing And Malware And Ransom – Oh My

The sign on the locked door of a nonprofit where staff members were unsophisticated about the dangers of cyberspace just might end up being “Gone Phishing.”

If you think that cybersecurity is all about technology you are only half of the way there. The critical underpinning of organizational cybersecurity is leadership. Senior managers must set the tone that data and financial safeguards must be in place without exception.

That’s why The NonProfit Times and Tech Impact, two organizations dedicated to the nonprofit sector, have together developed a digital cybersecurity publication with worksheets and webinar by cyber experts.

Consider this scenario: An employee pulls into your organization’s parking
lot and, while walking into the office, spots a flash drive on the ground. The
employee picks it up and sees that it is labeled “Third Quarter Cuts.” Curiosity
takes over. The flash drive gets plugged into the office network. If that flash
drive was planted there and contains malware … that’s the ballgame.

Nonprofits can’t afford to have donor and client data compromised. Insurance
can cover the initial losses but an organization might not ever recover the trust
placed in it by supporters and those served.

The hour-long webinar, hosted by The NonProfit Times and Tech Impact, includes nonprofit technology experts. Attendees will also receive a 42-page digital manual that includes worksheets and a one-year subscription to The NonProfit Times.

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