DEI Tech Gaining Ground At Foundations
DEI Tech Gaining Ground At Foundations

There is positive movement when it comes to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) efforts when it comes to technology teams at foundations. New data also shows areas that need improvement. 

Data from the Technology Association of Grantmakers, based on polling of 277 U.S. foundations, shows that more technology teams are receiving DEI training. The number of organizations offering no training decreased from 37% to 21% in 2022, with 30% of private foundations offering no DEI training to staff in technology-related roles. 

The data is compiled and explained in the recently published report “2022 State Of Philanthropy Tech.”

Respondents reported almost no change related to DEI programs in place compared to 2020. According to the report’s authors, the “overall shift in training without a correlating shift in programs might indicate that organizations are undertaking some effort in building awareness but have yet to take the next step toward implementation.” 

When it comes to technology expenditures, 50% of respondents reported their foundations allocate 1%-5% of operating budget to technology, 36% invest 6% to 10%, and 15% allocate more than 10% to technology. 

After holding steady during the two previous surveys, the sector saw a significant improvement overall in the average IT staffing ratio. On average, respondents reported one IT person for every 12 staff members, an improvement from the 17 to 1 ratio reported in 2020. Community foundations (18:1) have half the IT staffing ratio of private foundations (9:1). Public foundations reported the worst ratio, with just one IT person for every 28 staff members. 

Almost one-quarter of respondents (21%) said their leading technology role reports to the chief financial officer or finance lead. The prevalence of IT leaders reporting to the chief operating officer, chief financial officer, chief operating officer or finance lead instead of the chief executive officer or president increases mostly in parallel with the size of the organization’s assets. Smaller organizations are somewhat more likely to have a technology lead reporting to the chief executive officer.

A copy of the report is available at https://bit.ly/3ZqYDxt