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Episode 51: Unmasking Fidelity

A coalition of local and national organizations is challenging Fidelity Charitable in what they describe as its role in funneling millions of dollars in systemic oppression. Unmasking Fidelity was created after a 2019 exposé by nonprofit news outlet Sludge. It revealed anonymous donor-advised funds (DAFs) contributed millions to organizations identified as “hate groups” by the… Continue reading Episode 51: Unmasking Fidelity

GuideStar Pulls Hate Group Designations After Threats

Growing harassment and threats directed toward leadership and staff have led watchdog database GuideStar to remove its flagging of 46 suspected hate groups as defined by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) — at least for the time being. The removals will take place this week. A GuideStar spokesperson declined to comment specifically on the… Continue reading GuideStar Pulls Hate Group Designations After Threats