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Episode 3: Founder Transitions + Studying Millennials

Conventional wisdom has always suggested that a nonprofit make a clean break from its founder, to avoid the dreaded “Founder’s Syndrome” but according to research by Jari Tuomala and Donald Yeh of The Bridgespan Group, organizations can benefit when they carefully plan an extended role for founders who step down. The largest generation since the Baby Boomers has finally come of age, with the oldest now approaching 40 and the youngest in their mid-20s. Derrick Feldmann has been studying millennials for almost a decade. He’s founder of The Millennial Impact Project, which puts out an annual study of millennial cause engagement that examines “the subject through a new lens each year since 2008.” The latest research is the 2017 Millennial Impact Report: “An Invigorated Generation for Causes and Social Issues.”