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3 Secrets of Top-Performing Marketing Teams (sponsored)

What makes for a top-performing marketing team? surveyed 404 marketers about their goals, how they meet them and why they don’t. It collected the results, crunched the numbers and now presents the insights in a free report, The Fundamentals of Marketing and Engagement at Nonprofit Organizations. 

The good news is, only 3 percent of marketers in both the US and UK fail to meet their goals.

The same (3 percent in the UK) or even fewer (1 percent in the US) percentage don’t set marketing goals. In the US, that leaves 49 percent of teams meeting their goals, and 47 percent exceeding them. 

Here’s what top-performing teams — those that exceed their goals — do differently than the rest: 

  • Invest in AI — More than 40 percent of those surveyed expect to focus on artificial intelligence (AI) in the next three to five years. Your nonprofit’s data holds valuable secrets, and AI and its subsets such as machine learning and natural language processing can help find patterns in it and present it a memorable, easy to-understand way. Marketers who exceed their goals, along with large organizations, were more likely to focus on AI than respondents as a whole. 
  • Personalize Their Messaging — Some 70 percent of marketers surveyed said they don’t differentiate their messaging based on who’s receiving the message. Many nonprofits have sophisticated donor segmentation methods, and top teams take advantage. Two-thirds of respondents who exceed their marketing goals use their constituents’ characteristics to segment communications, compared to less than half of all those surveyed. 
  • Marketing campaign measurement allows organizations to see where they’ve been and where they should go. The best marketers know what metrics are key performance indicators and optimize for them. U.S. respondents who have very effective ways of measuring campaigns were 40 percent more likely to exceed their goals than other marketers. 

For more data, download’s “Fundamentals of Marketing and Engagement at Nonprofit Organizations” today at


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