Your SEO needs to be very mobile

It isn’t nearly enough to have an online presence any more. Now, there’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO), meaning a page or site has to pop up in a lot of ways, with a minimum of hassle.

As if that was not enough, increasing numbers of people are going mobile, using a variety of devices that can travel with them rather than being deskbound. In response, search engines are paying more attention to the mobile experience.

New technologies and new expectations are changing the game for nonprofits and during the 2015 Bridge to Integrated Marketing Conference, Kara Stolpinski and Sam Minnis of Nexus Direct and Gary Westermark of TIAA-CREF emphasized the importance of being on the cutting edge of the new fundraising thinking.

They suggested the following mobile SEO best practices:

Page speed. It is important for both mobile and desktop. The industry standard for page load times suggests a maximum of two seconds;

Links are spaced out, avoiding accidental clicks for those surfers who are “fat fingered;”

Font and text are legible, with good density of text;

Screen layout mandates not horizontal scrolling and avoiding vertical scrolling if possible; and,

Remember that no one likes to pinch and zoom.